Mako and the Ocean

The Ocean is the love interest of Mako Tsunami a.k.a. Freaky Fish Guy in YuGiOh-The Abridged Series.


In his first two appearances, Mako talks about how he is one with the ocean. The more he talks, the more obvious it is that he is in love with the ocean and wants to marry it. Mako even goes as far as to try and talk to the ocean, but is continually disappointed by its unresponsiveness.

In his third appearance, Mako appears at a water park. He states that his relationship with the ocean has gone sour and that he's decided to move on with an aquarium. Msko blames Joey for his failed marriage, as Joey was the first to call him a "Freaky Fish Guy", which crushed his self-esteem and caused him to push the ocean away. 
Freaky fish guy yugioh abridged02:03

Freaky fish guy yugioh abridged

Joey tells Mako that his relationship with the ocean failed because Mako tried to solve all of his problems with harpoons and there was no communication. When Mako tells Joey how his father was lost at sea, Joey comments on how messed up it is that Mako would fall in love with the ocean when it killed his father. Realising the source of his frustrations runs deeper than an insensitive nickname, Mako admits how lonely he is. Joey convinces Mako to make his peace with the ocean.

In Mako's last apearance, he tells the ocean he wants to be with it forever and begs it to take him back. In a surprisingly heartfelt moment, the ocean finally responds to Mako by saying "I forgive you". Mako then swims away, united with the love of his life.

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