Katherine and Katie Queef are the love interests to Terrence and Phillip in South Park. Katherine is voiced by Trey Parker and Katie is voiced by Matt Stone.


The Queef Sisters are a Canadian comedy duo whose gags are all based around their private parts, similar ot Terrence and Phillip's fart gags. While they're extremely popular aming female audiences, male audiences find them disgusting.

The Queef Sister's TV show is popular enough to get Terrence and Phillip's TV show taken away from their prime-time slot. Incensed, Terrence and Phillip arrive at their place planning to kill them, but upon finding out that the Queef Sisters idolised them, they realise that they'd fallen in love with them. Terrence, Phillip and the Queef Sisters then spend their weekends going to vineyards and annoying each other with their bodily functions. After an emotional spat between both couples, they realise that their toilet humour is too trivial to get in the way of their love for each other. Terrence, Phillip and the Queef Sisters then get married.

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