270px-Tiffany Case - Profile

Tiffany Case is the love interest of James Bond from the James Bond film, Diamonds Are Forever.  Bond first meets Tiffany Case when the two spend the night together.  Bond tells Tiffany about stealing the diamonds for herself and to retreive the diamonds at the Circus Circus casino.  She picks up the diamonds, but flees.  However, Tiffany eventually changes her mind and drives Bond to the airport.  After Bond escapes the laboratory from Dr. Metz, he is eventually reunited with Tiffany.  The two return to the Whyte House.  After Bond kills one of the two Blofelds, and changed the cassette containing the satellite controls that were a mistake to Tiffany, The CIA begin a helicopter attack on the rig.  She and Bond head to Britain on a cruise ship at the end of the film.

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