Tod Richards is the original, intended, and (mortally) third love interest of Julie Flinders in the LDS musical Saturday's Warrior.

While preexistent, Tod looks forward to going down to Earth in a physical body, to Julie's dismay, especially because it's "all [he] can think about," especially because she fears that they will forget both the promise that they'd be together and how long they've known and seen each other, which is "forever." During the number "The Circle of Our Love," Tod is called to be born.

Down on Earth, Tod (not a Mormon) searches for wisdom, especially as he is drawing. One time, he draws a picture of what the main character, Jimmy Flinders, "could be," and teaches him about freedom.

Eventually, after Tod is taught the gospel and baptized by Wally Kestler and Harold Greene, he is introduced to Julie, and they finally fall in love as promised.

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