Tomika is the classmate and possible love interest of Lawrence in School Of Rock, she first seen at her desk when Dewey Finn alias Ned Scneebley demand who have something to eat, she open her desk and give him her rest of her sandwich.

But at first Dewey refuse to give them a class and send them to recess, then Summer finally have enough and Dewey begin to state that the boss controlled them, so when they finally go to their music class Dewey see them play instrument, but when he was looking for singer she didn't raise her hand, but alicia and Martha does. So she choose to go get stuff, but she tell Dewey that she prefer to sing, when Dewey tell her to sing she was reluctan at first but finally sing, he ask her why she doesn't raise her hand when he was looking for singers and give her a album to listen the voice of the chorists.

When they arrived to the audition, she tell Dewey to let Alicia and Martha sing, but Dewey tell her the band need her, she was scared because of her weight, but Dewey encorange her to sing and she agree. But they all arrived late to the audition because Freddie follow a other group to their van, when the judges wanted to call the cops by refusing to listen to them, she agree to fake disease as the plan of Summer.

After the plan working they were almost there after all the pratices, when their parents go to the parents meeting, she revealed that Dewey have to tell them their project, but when he was revealed to be a imposter the parents get angry, despite that their parents was argued to the principal she defend Lawrence and still supportive to Dewey, when they finally arrived to Battle Of The Band, she amazed her parents when she finally sing, same if they didn't win, she go for the encore and sing with Alicia and Martha at the end of the movie in Dewey and Ned school who was called School Of Rock were they teach kid teen and adult rock music.

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