Tomoe is the fox yokai and the main love interest of Nanami Momozono from anime/manga series Kamisama Hajimemashita.


Tomoe bears many of the traits one might expect from a fox yokai; he is handsome, cunning, sly and possessed of a certain allure that those he meets often find difficult to resist. He does not appear to be wholly unaware of his attractiveness, and is quite pragmatic about employing both his looks and his charms when it suits him.

As a wild fox he displayed a certain flamboyant streak, wearing his hair long and possessing a collection of elaborately colored and embroidered robes and kimonos. Here we see a stark contrast between the past and present Tomoe, as he now dresses much more somberly in shades of white, grey, dark blue and black, though he still will wear his flamboyant kimonos sometimes. In the past, he was mosly seen wearing a kimono with fire patterns as well as a haori.

One thing you might not expect is Tomoe's unusually strong sense of loyalty and honor. It was largely this that bound him to Akura-Ou, that kept him standing watch over Mikage's crumbling shrine for twenty lonely years, and that causes him to go above and beyond the call of duty as Nanami's familiar, even before he realizes his feelings for her.

His familiar binding seems to have tempered both his yokai powers and some of his more extreme tendencies. As a wild fox he exhibited a sort of grey morality in that he did not mind killing, so long as those he preyed on would or could fight back. He did on a few occasions object to the wholesale slaughter of innocents, such as children like Mizutama, but this is a very small credit to his name, as regardless of his objections he did nothing to stop it. Since becoming a familiar, his outlook has become something of a paradox; on one hand he still feels little patience for the weakness and frailty of creatures less powerful than himself, while at the same time he has grown gentler and more thoughtful, placing greater value on all forms of life and humanity in particular. Though he still remains some what blunt and ignorant as to situations that Nanami finds herself in with him.

His understanding of human emotions appears limited, as his remembered life has been confined exclusively to the land god's shrine. In the beginning he finds the concept of love human-centric and foolish, and it is a long time before he begins to understand the way his words and actions affect those around him. He is however able to learn and change, and has displayed attempts to modify his behavior in an endearing, almost childish manner.

Tomoe remains short-tempered, proud, and fiercely protective of those he cares about. No obstacle has proven too great to keep him from Nanami's side; he has fought gods and literally gone to hell and back for her sake.


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