Love Interest

Full Name



Master Tomoe


Kamisama Hajimemashita


Mikage's Familiar (formerly)
Nanami's Familiar
Caretaker of the Mikage Shrine
High School Student


Fox Fire
Super Speed
Expert Swordsmanship


Protecting and being with Nanami
Spending time with Mikage
Keeping the shrine clean


To be reunited with Mikage (succeeded)
To become a human in order to be with Nanami (succeeded)

Type of Love Interest

Yokai Love Interest

Tomoe is the deuteragonist of the anime and manga series, Kamisama Hajimemashita. He is a fox yokai and caretaker of the Mikage Shrine. He is also the main love interest of Nanami Momozono.


Tomoe bears many of the traits one might expect from a fox yokai; he is handsome, cunning, sly and possessed of a certain allure that those he meets often find difficult to resist. He does not appear to be wholly unaware of his attractiveness, and is quite pragmatic about employing both his looks and his charms when it suits him. As a wild fox he displayed a certain flamboyant streak, wearing his hair long and possessing a collection of elaborately colored and embroidered robes and kimonos. Here we see a stark contrast between the past and present Tomoe, as he now dresses much more somberly in shades of white, grey, dark blue and black, though he still will wear his flamboyant kimonos sometimes. In the past, he was mosly seen wearing a kimono with fire patterns as well as a haori. One thing you might not expect is Tomoe's unusually strong sense of loyalty and honor. It was largely this that bound him to Akura-Ou, that kept him standing watch over Mikage's crumbling shrine for twenty lonely years, and that causes him to go above and beyond the call of duty as Nanami's familiar, even before he realizes his feelings for her.

His familiar binding seems to have tempered both his yokai powers and some of his more extreme tendencies. As a wild fox he exhibited a sort of grey morality in that he did not mind killing, so long as those he preyed on would or could fight back. He did on a few occasions object to the wholesale slaughter of innocents, such as children like Mizutama, but this is a very small credit to his name, as regardless of his objections he did nothing to stop it. Since becoming a familiar, his outlook has become something of a paradox; on one hand he still feels little patience for the weakness and frailty of creatures less powerful than himself, while at the same time he has grown gentler and more thoughtful, placing greater value on all forms of life and humanity in particular. Though he still remains some what blunt and ignorant as to situations that Nanami finds herself in with him.

His understanding of human emotions appears limited, as his remembered life has been confined exclusively to the land god's shrine. In the beginning he finds the concept of love human-centric and foolish, and it is a long time before he begins to understand the way his words and actions affect those around him. He is however able to learn and change, and has displayed attempts to modify his behavior in an endearing, almost childish manner. Tomoe remains short-tempered, proud, and fiercely protective of those he cares about. No obstacle has proven too great to keep him from Nanami's side; he has fought gods and literally gone to hell and back for her sake.



For Hundreds of years, Tomoe has been well known for being a wild fox yokai, highly well known and feared for his great power. During his early years, Tomoe was close friends and partners with another well known and feared yokai, Akura-Oh bringing fear, destruction and death in their path. However, Tomoe's life would change forever. When he was attacked by the War God, Ikusagami to bring an end to the destructive rampage between the pair, Tomoe was deeply hurt and wounded, but himself in more trouble, discovering villagers were after him as well. In a desperate attempt to save his life, Tomoe transformed himself into a child in hopes no one would recognise him and quickly he was soon found by a young kind-hearted woman. Tomoe was nursed back to health and was visited by the young woman, helping in his recovery and bringing bamboo rice cakes. Tomoe came to learn her name was Yukiji and found himself falling deeply in love with her. Tomoe's love for Yukiji grew deeper to the point where he wanted them to always be together and forever, no matter what it cost him to simply be with her.

However, love between a yokai and human is forbidden, mainly due to humans and yokai having different life spans than the other and while a human can fall in love again with time, yokai's feelings don't change so easily. Despite the obstacle, Tomoe strongly desired to become human so he could always be together with Yukiji. In order to have his wish come true, Tomoe seeked the help of a fallen God and asked for his assistance to turn him into a human. The fallen god decided to grant Tomoe's wish, but only on the condition of Tomoe always promised to stay with the woman he loves and Tomoe agreed. Tragically, due to some mysterious and unknown circumstances, Yukiji had died, leaving Tomoe completely devastated. However, worst of all, due to being unable to fulfill his promise and contract with the fallen God, a cursed was bestowed upon Tomoe, black marks of blood appearing everywhere on his body and slowly yet surely Tomoe would die.

Meeting MikageEdit

Tomoe began to wonder to places unknown which did not matter to him, knowing it would not be long until he dies. Eventually, during his journey, Tomoe met Mikage, a Land God who grew concerned for Tomoe upon noticing the blood marks on him. Mikage brings Tomoe to the shrine and learns of Tomoe's predicament, including the broken heart he bears upon losing Yukiji. Mikage manages to save Tomoe's life, using his powers to make Tomoe forget about Yukiji, thereby stopping the curse. However, Mikage knows his spell will not be permanent, knowing it will someday be broken if Tomoe were to ever fall in love again, but keeps this knowledge secret from him. Shortly after the events, Tomoe decides to give up his life as a wild fox yokai after Mikage offers him the chance to live at the shrine as his familiar, thus allowing Tomoe to have a true home for himself. While showing reluctance at the idea due to his status as a yokai, Tomoe agrees with reassurance from Mikage and after sealing the contract, Tomoe offically becomes his familiar.

However, Tomoe had a rocky start upon becoming Mikage's Familiar as he didn't like humans very much, considering them weak. Due to Tomoe's attitude and feelings towards humans, Mikage often scolded Tomoe harshly. Tomoe also didn't have the best relationship with Onikiri and Kotetsu, the shrine attendants who showed both fear and disliked him as they openly believed Tomoe would only disgrace the shrine. Shortly sometime after, Tomoe met a human who he had previously saved who attempted to thank Tomoe for saving her. However, due to his dislike towards humans, Tomoe nearly attacked her until he was stopped by Mikage's arrival. Upon confronted of his feelings towards humans, believing them to be weak, Mikage scolded Tomoe instead believing Tomoe to be weak of being unable to understand humans. Due to Mikage's words, it greatly affected Tomoe and soon after he started to change, finally starting to take his duties as Mikage's Familiar more seriously. Since then, Tomoe grew to develop a close relationship with Mikage, seeing him as a father figure and grew to develop a better relationship with Onikiri and Kotetsu, who know highly respect Tomoe, seeing he has now become a proud Familiar of the shrine.


Nanami MomozonoEdit

Nanami Momozono is the main protagonist of the series and is Tomoe's main love interest.


Yukiji is Tomoe's first love prior to becoming Mikage's Familiar.


Narukami is a Lightening Goddess who harbours a villainous unrequited love for Tomoe.



Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit



  • He has a rivalry with Kurama and Mizuki.
  • Tomoe smokes.
  • Tomoe is an excellent cook.
  • Tomoe's voice actor, J. Michael Tatum is the same person who voices, Kyoya Ootori from Ouran High School Host Club.

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