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tomoki is the master and love Intrest of ikaros from heaven's lost property

While having an extremely perverted side to the point of creating peepholes, via improvised pipe he task of helping a pink-headed Angeloid known as Ikaros. He cares for the Angeloids and he wants them to embrace freedom by not being under a master and obeying their orders.

Tomoki has shown to have feelings for Ikaros, Nymph, and Sohara. With this in mind, people would expect him to "play" with all three of them, but he has never violated Ikaros, the way he does to Nymph, Sohara, and Astraea. When Sohara finds out about this, she accuses Tomoki of harboring "extremely strong feelings" for Ikaros. He responds, saying not to get to worked up about it because it's just a sub-conscience thing. He has also "proposed" to and kissed Ikaros in the past. Ikaros is madly in love with him but he had not noticed for a while. He has also over-looked the fact that he is in the center of an extremely tough "love pentagon" including himself, Ikaros, Sohara, Nymph, and Astraea. Later in the series, he was forced to fight Ikaros 1 on 1 to win a female mannequin he wanted so badly. However, to everyone's surprise, Tomoki mans up and confesses to Ikaros that he has deep feelings for her.

He has also tried to break the Angeloids' tendency to obey their masters' orders completely by letting them do whatever they want, giving them a great degree of freedom to make their own individual decisions. This did not work for Ikaros, however, the effects of Tomoki's attempt to do so much more drastic than he had imagined. While he constantly laments that his idealistic world of peace and quiet is ruined by the appearances of the Angeloids, he admits that he does see them as a family, and enjoys their company. n Eternal my Master, Tomoki was a naive by not understanding the feeling of Ikaros, even more when he broke the angel imprinting with her. At the time she asked him to be her master once more he understood that Ikaros has strong feeling for him and that she is afraid of killing anyone. But when Ikaros was being burst on fire while getting him to the Synapse he was crying and begging her to stop, so once she kissed him and confessed him that she loves him he understood Ikaros true feelings and the reason of why she desired  to stay by his side forever. So once he arrived to the Synapse he might've also said "Ikaros"

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