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Turanga Leela is the love interest of Fry from the TV show called Futurama. She is the captain of the Planet Express ship. She is voiced by Katey Sagal.


Leela is the daughter of a sewer-dwelling mutant-couple. Both her parents had one eye each, so the genetic similarity carried over to Leela. Her single eye prevents her from perceiving depth, which is at odds with her being the crew's pilot. Despite her disability, Leela is still much more competent than her brain-dead crewmates. She has a fondness for animals and orphans.


Phillip J. FryEdit

She first met Fry after Fry was frozen for 1000 years into the future. She gave him a test, and tries to zap him, but she failed and ended up frozen in five minutes. She later helped Fry and Bender go on adventures. Over time it becomes clear that they have feelings for each other. Fry tries acting on them, with sometimes diastrous consequences; whilst Leela refuses to aknowledge them. At one point, Fry managed to do something so romantic that Leela married him, only for it to end in divorce. Fry still persists. In "The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings", Fry plays his final music for her as a cartoonish image of himself and Leela after everybody except for Leela stormed out when they realize that the Opera was terrible, showing that Leela has romantic feelings for Fry and Fry shows that he loves her.

She and Fry got married again in the season seven episode "Meanwhile"

Zapp BranniganEdit

Zapp met Leela whilst she was escorting numerous alien species off a dying planet. He planned to seduce her, grossly over-estimating his skills with women. When Leela turned him down, he burst into tears, prompting her to have pity-sex with him. Leela instantly regretted this, especially since Zapp kept bringing it up every time they met.

His boorish attitude is probably what made her see something better in Fry, because for all his faults, he's nowhere near as bad as Zapp.

Love RivalsEdit

Amy WongEdit

Fry has also shown an interest in the more fun-loving Amy. This love-triangle became a major plot point in one episode where the crew went on a space-cruise. Fry had to pretend to be both their boyfriend (Leela was trying to avoid Zapp, Amy was trying to impress her conservative parents).

Fry also went steady with Amy for awhile, before deciding they weren't right for each other. This came at a bad time, as Fry's body was badly mangled in a car accident and his head was grafted onto Amy's shoulder. After going on a disastrous double-date with Leela, Leela managed to bail Fry out of a one-night stand between Amy and her date. Fry and Amy have shown no romantic feelings for each other after his body was reattached.


  • Leela is similar to Kitty Katswell from T.U.F.F. Puppy because of her traits.