Tyler Navarro is the boyfriend of Shelby Watkins from Power Rangers: Dino Charge and Power Rangers: Dino Super Charge. He is also the employee of Kendall

Dino ChargeEdit

Tyler's story starts in Powers From The Past as he enters the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum & Cafe while he was there he ran into Chase Randall to find a cave where his dad did research. While he explored the caves, he ran into a monster who would soon reveal himself as Iceage. Tyler barely escaped him and ended up finding a T-Rex fossil with a Red Energem. After leaving the caves, he came across Iceage again as Iceage was attacking a woman named Shelby Watkins for interfering in his steal of a box that belonged to Shelby's friends.

Tyler quickly recovered the box for Shelby, until a blast sent them back knocking his red Energem out of his possession and revealing from the box a pink Energem. Tyler and Shelby reached for the Energems, to secure and protect them, but Iceage froze them solid. Fortunate enough the Energems chose them and were able to break free from the ice. After given Dino Blasters which also doubled as morphers, not knowing what they were doing except putting the Energems inside the Blasters, they unknowingly became Rangers together and defeated Iceage.

While driving back to the Museum in his Jeep Shelby thanked him for saving her. While she looked In Tyler's journal, she saw him and his dad when she asked what happened to him he mentioned that 10 years ago he disappeared and the monster in the journal in which he finds out as Fury had something to do with it. Shelby understood and told Tyler that she hopes she get to meet his dad someday.

In Let Sleeping Zords Lie, Tyler was worried about Shelby when he found out that she was down a hole with a rampant Ankylo Zord. When he tried to save her a monster named Stingrage prevented him from rescuing her. Once reunited with Shelby who got Stingrage's stinger off the Ankylo Zord. He told her he was worried.

In Double Ranger Double Danger, Tyler was writing in his journal and upon writing about Shelby, he also thinks she's cute. After escaping Fury and helped his friends defeat a monster named Duplicon, when they returned back to the base, Shelby brought back Tyler's dad's bracelet that was knocked loose from his battle with Fury, Tyler was thankful for Shelby returning it to him.

In Royal Rangers Tyler and Shelby posed as a prince and princess of a country named Zandar, which was a plan to lure Fury so they could retrieve the stolen Ptera Charger. At first Shelby didn't want to be the princess but quickly changed her mind when she saw Tyler in a prince suit. While the plan was in motion, he gets a kiss on the cheek from Shelby when a person asked if they could get, in a sense of seeing them, a kiss.

In True Black, Tyler defended Shelby when Chase teased her about being a fan of a boy band known as the N-Zed Boys.

In Wishing For A Hero, Tyler and Shelby go on a picnic together, unaware to Tyler that this picnic date with only Shelby was Shelby's wish. However as the date turned out horrible, when Tyler accidentally make a large bubble, which burst into Shelby's eyes, and he accidentally sprayed too much water on her, and ants entered onto some food and on themselves. She blatantly said out loud to Tyler about the date being terrible before Tyler caught on to what she said. Shelby did not want to admit to Tyler about the date.

In One Last Energem, Tyler stayed behind in Sledge's ship to find and regain his red Energem, he told Shelby when she wanted to come along the she needed to go without him and that he didn't want to do this alone, but he had to, After defeating Sledge and escaping the ship in which he was rescued by the Ptera Zord, he returned to Shelby and his friends as he, to Shelby's description, had them all scared, but in the end they defeated Greenzilla. As Tyler was about to leave to continue finding his dad, Shelby asked Tyler if he was still looking for him. Tyler said yes and asked if she wanted to help look for him, she agreed and they left in his Jeep.

Dino Super ChargeEdit

When the rangers were reunited Shelby claimed that she missed Tyler.

In "A Date With Danger," Tyler told Shelby about a guy named Rusty who knew where he last saw Tyler's dad. Before leaving off to see Rusty, he kissed Shelby on the cheek.

In Love At First Fight, Tyler was under a love spell by Beauticruel, who is in a form of a beautiful girl named Britney, Tyler falls in love with her, making Shelby jealous. While under a spell, Tyler was jealous when Chase pretends to flirt with Britney and the two fights over her, but the spell was broken.

In Silver Secret, When Shelby meets Rata, an N-Zed Boy, who is a friend of Chase, Tyler became jealous, after Rata asked Shelby to audition. So, Tyler attempts to learn to sing and dance to impress her. Chase tries to teach him some dance moves for the audition. Upon Tyler's audition, he got stage fright, as the judges watched him and Shelby helps him, telling him to imagine them as pineapples, which Tyler did and Tyler and Shelby sang and dance together. They almost kissed, but Koda interrupts them. But during the end when Rata asked Shelby out. She kindly refused in which she stated that she's already hanging with a rock star which was Tyler. The two ended up holding hands after.

In The Rangers Rock, Tyler and the others except Shelby ,James and Prince Philip were stoned by Badussa. Shelby was too worried when Tyler was stoned and that too because of Shelby's plan to destroy the dark energem. When Tyler and the others turned normal, they joined the rangers and Shelby and Tyler were too happy to see each other and both of them hugged. In the climax of the episode they both were seen holding their hands. He also put his arm around Shelby.

In the episode The end of extinction, The rangers destroyed Sledge and all his minions. Now that all the monsters were destroyed and the energems had been found and bonded to someone, there was no need of the rangers anymore. Keeper asked them to go back to their own lives. While leaving, Tyler and Shelby were holding hands. When they returned to the present, Tyler asked Shelby to join him in his adventures. Shelby kissed him on his cheek and promised to join him soon after she finishes studying dinosaurs.

In the Christmas special, Tyler was shocked when Shelby had become an evil elf and they fight each other. Tyler tries to convince Shelby that she's not an evil elf. He helped remember their time together, like singing and dancing at the N-Zed Boys audition, and when they almost kissed. Tyler also told Shelby that he really likes her and Shelby remembers, and the spell was broken. They hugged and Shelby told him that she would never wanted to hurt him. Tyler told her that it was okay.