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Vexy is the love interest of  Grouchy Smurf in The Smurf's 2 only when she turns blue. She was potrayed by Christina Ricci.

Vexy was a naughty, like her brother Hackus, and her sister Smurfette before them. She was created by Gargamel who had enough smurf essence from Papa Smurf in the first movie. He created the naughtys and made Vexy kidnapp Smurfette,and fights so that Smurfette would give Gargamel the secret formula. However, Vexy, Hackus and Smurfette befriend each other, and Vexy doesn't hurt them.  When Gargamel refused to feed her and Hackus, Smurfette saved their lives by giving to Gargamel  Papa Smurf formula which turning the naughties blue. At the end of the movie, during Smurfette's birthday, she sang with her, and danced with Grouchy Smurf at the generique.