Love Interest
Videl Corte de pelo

Full Name

Videl Satan






Orange Star High School student


Fighting, Flight


Studying, Learning how to fly



Type of Love Interest

Teenage Love Interest

Videl is the love interest and later the wife of Son Gohan from the Dragon Ball franchise. 


Videl is the only daughter of Mr. Satan and Miguel. She first met Gohan while he was attending high school. After figuring out that Gohan was one of the mysterious warriors keeping the planet safe. She demands that Gohan teach her how to fly or she'll tell everyone.

Gohan reluctantly teaches Videl how to fly, who becomes acquainted with the rest of his family. Chi-Chi confronts her for being Gohan's bride and marriage and Gohan tells them that he is here to teach Videl how to fly. Gohan tells Videl that she should cut her hair in preparation for the upcoming tournament. Videl does so, but mistakenly believes that Gohan thinks she'd look prettier with short hair.

At the tournament, Videl is brutally beaten by her opponent. Gohan heals her and Videl finally admits to herself that she likes him. She then learned that Gohan was the true hero who defeated Cell after Gohan apologized to her for lying to her before Videl wishes him good luck and also tells him that he better be back to show that she loves him. After Goku tells everybody that Gohan and Vegeta are dead, Videl refuses to believe it. After Buu turns Chi-Chi into an egg and smashes it, she was turned into Chocolate by Super Buu, along with Bulma, Android 18 and the others. In an anime-only scene, Bulma declares that Videl is deeply in love with Gohan while in heaven searching for Gohan along with Chi-Chi and Dabura. She was revived by the Namekian Dragon Balls along with everybody, including Earth. After Kid Buu is finally destroyed by Goku, Videl begins dating Gohan for the rest of the series.

By the time of Battle of Gods, Videl and Gohan are married. Videl is pregnant, but wants to keep it a surprise. When Goku requires the energy of 5 saiyans to help him gain a power boost, Videl decides to tell Gohan. They eventually have a daughter named Pan.

Romances Edit

Son Gohan Edit

When they first met, Videl was highly suspicious of Gohan due to his habit of appearing in places where superhuman activity took place. Once she gets to know him, her attitude changes completely. In Fusion Reborn it was strongly implied that they kissed at some point, which Trunks and Goten tease them for.

Once they're married and with a child, Gohan and Videl move in with Mr. Satan.

Sharpner Edit

In the anime, Videl's classmate Sharpner tried to get her attention, but was ignored.

Barry Khan Edit

Barry Khan was a movie star that took a liking to Videl as soon as he saw her. When he found out she was married to Gohan, Barry tried to sabotage their relationship, only to find out that Videl was smarter than he gave her credit for.

Rivals Edit

Cocoa Amaguri Edit

Cocoa was a pop singer that developed a crush on Gohan. Barry conspired with her to break up their marriage and Cocoa went with it long enough to get photographed kissing Gohan, but guilt got the best of her and she confessed to Gohan what was going on.


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