Violet Van Patten
Violet Van Patten is the tritagonist and the love interest of Sam Brenner from the 2015 movie, Pixels. She is played by Michelle Monaghan.


Violet is a divorced woman and is the single mother of Matty. She is first seen being depressed at her house. She first meets Sam while Sam is doing is job. Sam comforts her by listening to her situation and the two share wine. At first, Sam thinks he and Violet are in a relationship as Sam tries to kiss her, but Sam gets shut down as he goes to her meeting with the government and the president (his old childhood friend). After Sam defeated the Centipedes and Pac-Man, he sees Violet again at the ball for the team's celebration and Sam spends time with her as they talk about life. The aliens show up once again and send another message saying that the rules have been violated and they will launch a full-scale attack. She and Sam discover that Matty has been kidnapped by the aliens and Violet decided to join Sam, Ludlow and Q*Bert (who has become a good guy) in order to rescue Matty and defeat the aliens. She and the others encountered Donkey Kong as Donkey Kong rolls down several barrels and Violet throws the hammer to Sam as Sam is finally able to defeat Donkey Kong and rescue Matty. Towards the end of the film, she and Sam began a romantic relationship and they kiss as they became a couple.