Wendy is a main character in the British TV series Bob The Builder. It is implied in many episodes and merchandise that she has a crush on Bob. She is voiced by Kate Harbour in the original series and Joanne Froggatt in the 2015 reboot.

Relationships Edit

It is hinted throughout the series that Wendy has strong feelings towards Bob. The two are portrayed as being close personal friends rather than co-workers. There are quite a few episodes that portray them as being a couple or romantic interests:

Series One Edit

  • In Buffalo Bob Wendy expresses sadness that she can't go out to the line dance competition with someone like Bob is planning to. When Mavis is unable to compete Wendy steps in as Bob's partner and the two share a few intimate moments together, including a romantic walk home.
  • In Bob's Birthday Wendy spends the day preparing a surprise party for Bob. During this time Bob seems particularly sad that she hasn't remembered, more so than the others. At the end of the episode Wendy fondly states that she could never forget about him.

Series Two Edit

  • In Bob's Big Surprise after learning that Wendy wants a garden like her sister's Bob revamps her garden for her. When Wendy returns the two act bashful around each other and at one point Bob offers her a flower from the garden and blushes.
  • In Bob's White Christmas Wendy and Bob seem to be spending Christmas together as opposed to with their families.

Series Three Edit

  • In Scoop's In Charge Bob seems taken aback when Wendy arrives at work in her formal clothes. The two of them go to lunch together as a couple.

Series Five Edit

  • In Wendy's Surprise Party Wendy describes Bob to her sister as "someone very special". Upon introduction Jenny correctly guesses who Bob is and declares that Wendy has told her all about him.
  • In Bob's Auntie Wendy intends to go on a picnic with Bob until the machines ask to come along.

Series Six Edit

  • In Wendy's Magic Birthday Bob decides to throw Wendy a surprise magic show and spend the day preparing it for her. After finding out what Bob has planned Wendy blushes.

Series Eight Edit

  • In Wendy's Big Night Out Wendy is made the guest of honour at Mr Sabatini's restaurant opening. She spends the episode getting ready and brings Bob as her date.
  • In Ballroom Bob Bob takes dance lessons in secret with Mrs Percival. Upon arriving at the dance Bob is struck by how Wendy looks while Wendy is equally impressed with Bob's dancing. The two shyly decide to dance together.

Specials Edit

  • In A Christmas To Remember after Wendy travels to the North Pole to bring Tom, Bob's twin brother, home for Christmas. She also gets everything ready for Christmas Day while Bob is working. At the concert Bob ends up he giving her a kiss on the cheek, making her blush.
  • In The Knight's Of Can-A-Lot Bob and Wendy go to the fair in a couples costume as a knight and princess.

Discography Edit

  • In Blonde Haired Gal In A Hard Hat (Wendy's Song) from the album Bob The Builder: The Album Wendy sings about her and Bob's blossoming relationship.