Wilford's hunky form holding Minerva.

Wilford B. Wolf is a werewolf and the love interest of Minerva Mink, despite his one appearance, Moon Over Minerva.  

Wilford Nerd

Wilford's true form.

During the day, he is a dorky wolf, but when the full moon is out, he transforms into a muscular, handsome, werewolf.  Both forms are voiced by Peter Scolari.

Moon Over MinervaEdit

At the beginning of the episode, Minerva writes in her diary about how se still hasn't found that "special someone," all the while driving male animals nuts with her beauty.

Wilford, in his dorky form, courts Minerva, but due to his appearance, shows no interest in him and treats him poorly. 

Wilford, saddened because he was rejected, heads to a cliff and howls at the night sky.  The full moon comes out, transforming him into his werewolf form.  At first, the animals are terrified of him, but upon seeing how handsome and muscular his werewolf form is, the female animals go nuts. 

Minerva heads to the cliff to yell at Wilford but upon seeing his werewolf form, goes nuts just like the other female animals.  Minerva goes to put on a red dress.  Several clouds cover the full moon, making Wilford dorky again.  Minerva tries looking for Wilford's hunky form, until the clouds part, transforming Wilford again.  Wilford's werewolf form shows himself to Minerva making her melt.  Wilford says she's acting strange and says tonight wouldn't be a good night to "take a long romantic walk under the starlight" while holding her.  Minerva said she'd like that.  He then says they could snugge up close and comfy, driving Minerva more and more nuts.  More clouds appear, turning Wilford back into a nerd.  Minerva gets depressed seeing Wilford's dork form and passes out.  The clouds part once again and Wilford's werewolf form carries Minerva bridal style and says he'll whisper sweet nothings in her ear.  Minerva wakes up and kisses Wilford.  However the night finally ends while kissing Wilford and sees Wilford's dork form.  She finally realizes that Wilford's werewolf form and his dork form are the same person.  Wilford admits to being a werewolf.  Minerva asks when the next full moon was.  When Wilford says every 28 days, Minerva ends the episode saying, "good things are worth waiting for," indicating she'll stay with Wilford just for is werewolf form.


Moon Over Minerva was the last Minerva Mink segment for Animaniacs.  Minerva only had two segments to focus on her, the other being Meet Minerva.  This was due to her sexual nature and shallow personality innapropriate for young children.  However, she had several appearances in the comics and made small cameos in the show.