Yellow Kirby is a character of Kirby, Sunset Shimmer's pet, main sidekick, Karolina Dean's partial duaghter, Julie Power's ally and Red Kirby's love interest. She also has Night Terror's wings after defeating him. She is the enemy of King Sombra, Snips and Snails, Diamond Tiara Suri Polomare Silver Spoon, Tirek, Queen Chrysalis (former), Bowser, Discord (formerly) and Jean Grey.  And she is a friend of Sunset Shimmer, the Mane 6, Celestia, Luna, Derpy Hooves, Cutie Mark Crusaders, Cheerilee, Queen Chrysalis, Flash Sentry and Discord. 

Theme Song Edit

Jewel-Hands (2014-current)

Let It Go (2013-2014)


Flight: Without puffing up, Yellow Kirby is able to fly. She has rainbow trails when she flies when she has Julie Power's abilities.

Fighting Night TerrorEdit

Yellow Kirby is confronting Night Terror. When he attacks Yellow Kirby, she swallows Julie Power's ability and reveals her power. Night Terror was shocked and tries to fly away but Yellow Kirby ripped his wings off and sends him into space, hurling him into the sun. After Night Terror was gone, Rarity gives Yellow Kirby Night Terror's wings. In the end Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle hug Yellow Kirby and started flying away.

Joining ForcesEdit

Sunset ShimmerEdit

She is the super ally along with Red and Blue Kirby. After Sunset Shimmer kicks Snips and Snails out of her team, She and her two allies fly into the sky. Blue Kirby has Vulture's wings after he defeated her. Sunset Shimmer introduces her new ally ofher team. Everyone look at Sunset Shimmer's team, smiling. Rarity looked at Red Kirby after he took Azazel's wings and Twilight Sparkle looked at Yellow Kirby with Night Terror's wings and AppleJack looked at Blue Kirby after he took Vulture's wings. Snips and Snails are really mad at them and transformed into their demon forms. Sunset Shimmer commands her three allies and attacks them. After that, Sunset Shimmer defeats them by turning them back to normal and sends them flying into the mirror. Everyone cheered and Twilight Sparkle thanked them for defeating Snips and Snails. Sunset Shimmer says goodbye and flies away with her three allies.

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