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Zach is Lily's love interest from The Secret Life of Bees. She's meet him when he was in the honey barn when he was come to visit his aunt's, later he's developed feeling for Lily but that's was just friend in the beginning he told Lily he want to be Lawyer someday . He show her how to drain the honey in melting pot, later he offer her a book as a gift she kiss him on the cheek, he was bring her to the cinema theater for see a movie with white actors. But he was arrested by the people who was ouside and bring him to jail, later after May death  he return to his aunt's home, he had remorse for what happen to May, Lily hugged him after that.

Later after the funeral he go see Lily, he was angry after what all of the white man did to him, but Lily said to him he not have to be angry at them, Zach give her his chain and the two teenager's kiss each other, at the end of the movie him and Lily are now a couple.

Zach is potrayed by Tristan Wild

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